ES6 Powered IoT Scripting Kits

Take IoT project ideas to prototype and production with Kinoma Create and Kinoma Element

JavaScript-based Framework

KinomaJS is the open source framework for building applications of embedded devices using JavaScript

Application Development Tools

IDEs and visual programming tool that make scripting apps for IoT devices accessible to all programmers

Come on in, we’re OPEN

The Kinoma line of prototyping solutions for IoT innovators is:

Open Source

The KinomaJS application framework is open source under the Apache License Version 2.0, and product case design files and PCB files are available on GitHub.

Open Sensor

Kinoma’s hardware prototyping products work with off-the-shelf sensors.

Open Cloud

Script apps to work with any cloud services a project requires; KinomaJS doesn’t limit apps to a private cloud or specific network protocols.

Latest Kinoma Media Alert

Kinoma Element, the Tiny JavaScript-Powered IoT Prototyping Platform, is Now Available for Purchase

Posted on August 25, 2016
Kinoma today announced the retail availability of Kinoma Element on, the official online store of Make: and Maker Faire.

Kinoma’s JavaScript-Powered Developer Products Make the IoT Scriptable — Get Hands-On Demos at the SXSW 2016 Trade Show!

Posted on March 13, 2016
Kinoma is bringing new IoT product development hardware and software to SXSW, in a demo-rich booth (#401) on the Trade Show floor.

Latest Kinoma Blog Posts

Kinoma Curriculum for Kids’ Vision

Posted on December 9, 2015
Kinoma Curriculum for Kids’ Vision
For the past ten weeks, Kinoma has had the pleasure of working with Kids’ Vision every Wednesday. Kids’ Vision is an afterschool program for girls ages 8-12 to further their knowledge of the wonders of engineering and coding. The Kids’ Vision mission is to empower 3rd to 6th grade girls by increasing their interest and […]

IoT Device UI Beyond the ‘Companion App’

Posted on October 20, 2015
IoT Device UI Beyond the ‘Companion App’
Thinking beyond the companion app Today I want to talk a little bit about interaction design and how it relates to IoT. Smartphones have afforded us new opportunities to design useful and exciting products, and they have given us new ways to interact with information. We can push and pinch, swipe and drag, peek and […]

Kinoma now shipping JavaScript 6th Edition (ES6) support

Posted on October 15, 2015
Kinoma now shipping JavaScript 6th Edition (ES6) support
Today, the Kinoma team has completed the move to JavaScript 6th Edition by delivering a firmware update to Kinoma Create and a new version of Kinoma Studio. Both use Kinoma’s XS6 JavaScript engine, an independent implementation optimized for embedding JavaScript in hardware products and applications. XS6 remains the most thorough implementation based on the Kangax compatibility […]