Introducing visual programming for KinomaJS!

Kinoma has integrated KinomaJS support into Blockly, as an experimental on-ramp to writing KinomaJS code with a visual editor. Seasoned developers will like that they can quickly sketch hardware app ideas with KinomaJS Blocks, and become more familiar with KinomaJS APIs. New developers will like KinomaJS Blocks because they can create apps for their Kinoma hardware in a visual way, and then see the KinomaJS code it generates.

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New Hardware Products!

Kinoma's new prototyping product for IoT innovators will be available soon at a suggested retail price of $24.95.

Kinoma Element is the smallest JavaScript-powered embedded product prototyping platform. It combines a 200 MHz CPU, 512 KB of RAM, and Wi-Fi. Kinoma Element is designed to connect products to the cloud, mobile, and other IoT devices. 

Kinoma’s family of customizable products—Kinoma Element, Kinoma HD, and the top-selling Kinoma Create—use the same pro-developer tools, making prototyping efficient across product teams.
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JavaScript 6th Edition!

Kinoma brings JavaScript to the smallest devices ever with today’s most comprehensive implementation of ES6 in the open source KinomaJS application framework. We’re keeping our developer community on the leading edge of adopting and deploying this new technology— ideal for IoT products. You can start developing today using Kinoma Create or the desktop simulators built into Kinoma Studio. 

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Tune in!

Peter Hoddie, VP of Kinoma, interviewed with TWIT's FLOSS Weekly, a popular video podcast about Free Libre Open Source Software. He discusses software and hardware for prototyping connected devices and IoT products. 

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