This is Just the Beginning. Goodbye, “Kinoma Play,” Hello, New Innovations.

January 2014

Kinoma Play was the first product built on the Kinoma platform. It was a great way to seamlessly connect with social networks and a world of content from multimedia to news and information. Dashboards combined information and features from across apps to simplify and speed everyday tasks.

At the time we developed Kinoma Play, there was huge demand for software that redefined the phone experience. Kinoma Play— licensed and distributed by Docomo, Softbank, and Palm—has been well received, highly rated, and favorably reviewed. Since then, a major contraction in the mobile landscape eliminated the opportunity for the kind of “whole phone” innovation Kinoma Play provides.

Additionally, we launched Kinoma Play when Kinoma was still an independent start-up. Since then, Marvell Semiconductor acquired Kinoma thanks to our proven heritage in software architected for high performance on everything from phones and tablets, to the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

It’s a whole new world.

Now, we are a tightly integrated design and engineering team creating consumer electronics products, and making tools to help others rapidly prototype and create products themselves.

To fully realize this world of new potential, we must forge ahead focusing on new opportunities. This requires saying goodbye to Kinoma Play.

What does this mean exactly? Those who have downloaded Kinoma Play will be able to continue to use it. However, there will be no new versions of Kinoma Play, we will no longer revise Kinoma Play to accommodate changes in third party services, and we will no longer provide customer support for Kinoma Play.

We thank everyone who has downloaded, built, supported and reviewed Kinoma Play. Together, we improved the everyday experience of apps and media on smart phones.

The team at Kinoma sees new ways technology and great design can elevate everyday experiences to be truly meaningful and impactful. We hope you will continue exploring the ways Kinoma puts you at the center of joyful experiences with your digital devices, including our new Kinoma Connect app for DLNA players.